Guide to Homeschool
In the same time it takes to watch a movie, you can change your child's life forever!

Let's Get Started Homeschooling: The Essential Beginnerís Guide to Homeschool will walk you through all the tough homeschool decisions step by step, including:

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  • Choosing Your Curriculum
  • Finding Your Support Group
  • Convincing the Critic in Your Family
  • Calming Those Socialization Fears
  • Reducing Stress at Home
  • Involving Dad in Activities
  • Finding the Great Teacher You were Born to Be
  • Homeschooling Large Families
  • Co-op Homeschooling
  • Part-Time Homeschooling
  • Homeschooling without Breaking the Bank

We'll help guide you through the steps you need to take once you've decided to make your child's education your number one priority.

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Your Questions Answered!!

Let's Get Started Homeschooling Answers These Questions:

  • Is homeschool legal in my state?
  • How much does homeschooling cost?
  • How do I know I'll be a good teacher?
  • Can I homeschool all of my children at once?
  • How many people are actually homeschooling?
  • Wonít my child miss out on developing friendships?
  • Can I give standardized tests to my children at home?
  • How do I convince my family that homeschool is right for my child?
  • Will I have enough time to homeschool my child?
  • Am I qualified to homeschool my special needs child?
  • Will homeschool solve my child's discipline problems?
  • Will I be able to deal with the stress of homeschool?
  • What's the easiest way to introduce my child to homeschool?
  • Where can I easily find the best homeschool resources?

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3 Quizzes to Help You Better Understand Your Child and Yourself

Everyone's learning style is as different as his or her personality. Our specially designed quizzes will aid you in identifying your child's learning style, as well as your own. This will help you to tailor your teaching in a way that best fits your child, and understanding your own approach to learning will illuminate the differences and similarities between you and your child. Discovering how your family learns will uncover both weaknesses and strengths; use this knowledge as the all-important resource that it is.

  1. Quiz 1: How To Understand Which Teaching
    Style Fits Best With Your Family.
  2. Quiz 2: How To Understand Your Child's
    Learning Style.
  3. Quiz 3: How To Understand Your Own
    Learning Style.
"Home schooling is simply the way they live their lives - children and adults living and learning together with a seamlessness that would challenge an observer to determine which was 'home' and which was 'school.'"
             - Anonymous

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Step-by-Step Instructional Guides Included!

It's a very normal thing to have no idea how to actually begin homeschooling. Many people who observe homeschoolers talk of watching children reciting facts or learning their spelling words while rollerblading with their parents or even yelling them out while jumping on the trampoline. In many ways, homeschooling is not schooling at all; it's just helping children learn in whatever way works for them. Let's Get Started Homeschooling will teach you that homeschooling is a way of life . . . something that can't be found in a textbook.

Our book includes:

  1. The First Steps to Starting Your Homeschooling Adventure!
    We'll guide you through the process: from managing the legal responsibilities of pulling your child out of the school system to helping you understand the emotional aspects of transitioning your child from public to homeschool.
  2. How to Set Realistic Goals for Your Homeschooler!
    Many of your homeschooling goals are already a part of your child's everyday life. However, when outlined they will help you focus and feel confident. You need a plan!
  3. Printable Letters!
    We provide form letters designed to help you comply with your state's laws, find local support, and even convince family that homeschool is the right choice!
  4. Creative Hands-on Activities to Help Make Homeschool Fun!
    We'll explain how to integrate your child's learning style with your curriculum choices. We even provide creative ideas to help your child understand and even exhibit the qualities that you value most!
  5. How to Homeschool Without Breaking the Bank!
    We can help you involve your children with realistic budgeting strategies. We outline money saving ideas that will make homeschool work for your family's budget, like cooperative homeschooling or using your community's free resources. We even include tips for single parent homeschoolers.
  6. *BONUS* 101 Selective Homeschool Resources at Your Fingertips!
    Why search through thousands of books, internet sites, or curriculum resources when we've already done it for you? We've sifted through the almost limitless homeschool resources available and selected only the very best!

    When you consider the time and money that this resource guide alone will save you, Let's Get Started Homeschooling: The Essential Beginners Guide more than pays for itself.

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