Guide to Homeschool
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Table of Contents

Section I. Where to Begin: Important Homeschooling Basics

Chapter 1 - Is Homeschooling right for you and your child?

  • Answering the Top Eight Homeschool Questions
  • Considering the Homeschool Option
  • Quieting Your Homeschool Fears
  • Incorporating Socialization into Homeschool
  • Budgeting Your Time
  • After-Schooling

Chapter 2 - Six Essential First Steps to Take on Your Homeschooling Adventure

  • Getting Started Step-By-Step
  • Finding Homeschool Support Groups
  • Including Your Child in the Process
  • Setting Goals
  • Printable Goals Sheet

Chapter 3 - The Legal Side of Homeschooling

  • Determining Your State's Laws
  • Contacting Your Area's Superintendent
  • Writing Your Letter of Intent
  • Understanding Accreditation

Chapter 4 - How to Decide if Homeschool is the Answer to Your Public School Problems

  • Identifying Your Child's Problem
  • What to Do When You Need to Begin Homeschooling NOW!
  • De-Schooling

Section II. Teaching Fundamentals

Chapter 5 - Unlocking Your Child's Learning Strengths

  • Is Your Child a Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic Learner?
  • Teaching Younger Children
  • Learning Style Quiz

Chapter 6 - Discovering Your Teaching Style

  • What Type of Teacher are You?
  • Teaching Style Quiz
  • Defining Teaching Styles
  • Choosing a Teaching Method

Chapter 7 - Finding the Right Curriculum for Your Family

  • Defining Your Curriculum Options
  • Finding Curriculum on the Internet
  • Purchasing Curriculum

Chapter 8 - Content Standards: Let's Get an Idea of What the Public Schools Try to Teach Our Children

  • A Quick Guide to Content Standards
  • Standardized Testing
  • Testing at Home

Section III. Identifying and Utilizing Your Resources

Chapter 9 - Homeschool Curriculum and Materials without Breaking the Bank

  • Complete Curriculum
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Surviving on One Income
  • Single Parent Homeschoolers
  • Co-op Homeschooling
  • Money Saving Resources

Chapter 10 - Dad May Not be Teaching the Lessons, but There are Still Roles He Can Fill

  • Involving Dad in Your Homeschool Experience
  • Being Your Child's Role Model
  • Hands-On Character-Building Activity

Chapter 11 - What Can Your Community Do For You?

  • Using Your Library
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Volunteering, Service Learning, and Apprenticing

Chapter 12 - Computers . . . How Important are They Really?

  • Finding Educational Software
  • Computer Cautions
  • Computer Tutorials
  • Choosing Games Wisely (Using the ESRB)

Section IV. Troubleshooting: Fitting Homeschool Into Your Life

Chapter 13 - Deciding on Your Learning Environment: There is No Plan Called Homeschool

  • Learning (not "Schooling") at Home
  • Part-Time Homeschool
  • Teaching with Love

Chapter 14 - How to Apply Your Resources to Reduce Stress

  • Homeschool Support
  • Using Stress as a Learning Tool
  • Helping Your Child Adjust to Homeschool
  • Personalizing Curriculum
  • Homeschooling the Large Family
  • Tackling Difficult Lessons
  • Swaying Homeschool Skeptics
  • What to Do When Homeschool Isn't Working For You

Chapter 15 - Homeschooling Your Exceptional Child

  • Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child
  • Homeschool and ADD
  • Homeschooling Your Gifted Child

****Bonus Chapter! - Let's Get Started: Reading****
This chapter offers tips and tricks to help your child start reading. Written in an easy-to-read, no-pressure format, this guide will calm your fears and simplify the learning process.

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