Guide to Homeschool

Your Adult Learning Style

1. Most of the time, after you meet someone new you:
Remember their face but have a hard time with their name.
Remember their name but cannot describe the person at all.
Remember what you were doing when you met the person, but cannot recall their name or face.

2. During your free time, you will most often choose to:
Do something artistic (like paint or draw a picture).
Listen to music.
Play a game.

3. When given the choice, which would you prefer to do in your spare time?
Read a Book.
Listen to a Book-On-Tape.
Play Sports.

4. If a friend from work invited you to a party where you really didn't know anyone, how would you react when you first arrived?
Would you wait quietly on the side and assess the situation before introducing yourself to anyone?
Would you immediately begin talking to others?
Would interaction with others make you so nervous that you'd need someone else to approach you in order to socialize at all?

5. If you had your choice you would rather:
Watch music videos.
Play or listen to music.
Dance to music.

6. Is your room:
Clean and everything has a place.
Very messy, but you feels it's organized.
Very messy and even you can't find anything.

7. If you were asked to make up a long and detailed bed-time story for your child:
You could do it with ease.
You could do it with some difficulty.
You wouldn't even know where to begin.

8. When you are concentrating on something, do you:
Hum or talk to yourself.
Become very quiet.

9. Are you easily distracted by noise around you?

10. Do you have a strong vocabulary?

11. Would you rather go to:
A great museum.
A great concert.
A great sporting event.

12. If your spouse is across the room from you and you want to get their attention do you:
Wait to make eye contact.
Call their name.
Walk over and touch their arm.
None of the above.

13. Is your handwriting:
Neat and clean.
Not bad but needs a little work.
So messy that you've considered changing your profession to something that ends with M.D.

14. If you could choose only one thing to take on a long road trip it would be:
A Book.
Your Music Collection.
Your hand held game system.

15. When you want to do something new, the easiest way for you learn how to do it is to:
Have someone show you how to do it.
Read a how-to book and then do it yourself.
Skip the reading and just start doing it yourself.